e.g Deckhand

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Job seeker: Fernando Brogan
Position: e.g Deckhand

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Telephone: 999 9851645
Address: c 13 # 170 mulsay
Location: Mexico
Education: Tecnica

Hi! Looking for yacht steward &/  Deckhand position. (8 years experience in sea industry). Excellent hospitality background,strong Bartender service skills,bar knowledges,ability to deliver an exceptional service.I am in possession Seamens book,C1D visa., B1 B2 visa, STCW95,references.

Contact via fernandobrogan@hotmail.com
Thanks for your time.

Best regards,
Fernando Brogan Pulido
Created date: 04-05-2013 02:01:18
Uploaded cv: Fernando Brogan C.V. II.doc
Published: Yes
Approved: Yes
ID: 939

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