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Job seeker: Christine, France
Position: Chef/Cook

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Telephone: (33) 677 777 484
Address: 26 Rue Elvina Sivan 33800 BORDEAUX
Location: France
Education: Bac + 2

Combining my love of cooking to my sailing experiences has become a goal. I'm always glad to learn every day. I've had the opportunity of participating recently to a culinary TV training program, the link of which is included in my CV. I am a very reliable person, enthusiastic, with a positive demeanor and a good team spirit. My cuisine is French or Mediterranean, Asiatic, dietetic, fresh, healthy and tasty. Having been an executive secretary for many years, I know what working under pressure means ! I'm still looking for a Chef position. I'm availabe right now, ready for an interview or a training period. I wish to thank you in advance for the attention you will payu at this letter. Workingly yours ! Christine

Created date: 28-04-2013 10:17:22
Uploaded cv: Christine Touchard English CV.pdf
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