Engineer Matters

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Briefing about Windlass Operation - Engineer Matters
windlass2As I sat in the control room reading the latest The Yacht Report the lights flickered momentarily and the generator bogged down – once, twice, three times in as many seconds.
Too much chain weight on the hydraulic Windlass - Engineer Matters
windlassWe were in the Cook Island, where the anchorages are not very good, very extreme in some places, and were anchored off one of the atolls in about
Double check before a Davit failure - Engineer Matters
davitI was the engineer on a busy 42-m charter boat in the Caribbean in the mid ’80s and, as usual, was called out at all hours. This particular morning at about 6 am the Captain called
Passage in bad Weather - Flooding issue solved - Engineer Matters
rough_seaA couple of years ago I worked on a 50-m CRN motor yacht, chartering heavily
in the Med & Caribbean. Like many other yachts we crossed the Atlantic twice a year and we were all
Fuel Oil & Separators - Engineer Matters
alfalaval_s_separatorBy a large margin the best but most misunderstood item of machinery in an engine-room is the Alfa-Laval. This company was making cream separators back when Adam was a cowboy;  I remember my Grandfather had one,
Air Conditioning - Engineer Matters
ac fanHVAC aboard large yachts cannot be overestimated in its importance. Having been on the equator with the system down,  rebuilding the only seawater pump with parts from

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