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Resume (CV) sample for yacht crew members

Resume (CV) sample for yacht crew membersFind below a sample of a Resume (CV) for the yacht crew members.

Deep frying with safety and cost saving - Interior Crew Matters
Deep frying with safety and cost savingDeep-fried food is often synonymous with "fast" food. However, deep-frying can be traced to exotic roots in Asia and Europe. Fat was rendered from meat, then used to cook foods more quickly than stewing and roasting.
Yacht Chef Life - Interior Crew Matters
So you want to be a yacht chef?
Consider it carefully because it is life-changing.
If you love food, the art of preparation, cooking, presentation and the traveling,
How to set a formal Dinner Table - Interior Crew Matters
formal_dinner1_smThe first items to be placed on the tablecloth should be the dinner plates. These should be in the middle of each place setting. Each person’s tableware should be placed at equal
Decanting Wine - Interior Crew Matters
wine decanterWines have all sorts of organic things in them - yeast, grape skins, and so on. The wine naturally has very small particles of these things that, over the years that wine age,
Napkins Folding - Interior Crew Matters
napkin2During the rollicking 16th century, the nobility and the well-to-do realized there was little differentiating their plain wooden dining tables from those on which the peasantry dined (apart, of course, from the quantity of the bounty under which their tables were laden).
Detailed Job Description of a Steward(ess) - Interior Crew Matters

table2The basic entry level and entry level techniques needed for the smooth running of the interior department of luxury sailing or motor yacht are:

Preparing for a crossing - View from the Interior Crew - Interior Crew Matters
 preparing crossing   An oceanic crossing not only demands steely nerves and a strong constitution but also the meticulous planning and preparation expected of a military commander.

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