Motor Yacht Maridome
     3rd September 1995
A very unfortunate story regarding the motor yacht Maridome. The information come from a court case and a judgment from the  US 9th Circuit  Court of Appeals  in the case of "Warn vs MY Maridome".
It all goes back to an accident that occurred in the night of September 3rd, 1995 in the harbour of Poros, Greece. That night a tender from the Maridome brought some passengers and crew from the Maridome to the harbour. The yacht was moored outside.
During that transport, the tender hit a metal construction in the harbour with the tragic result that Nicholas Warn, George Stathopoulos, Andres Brigman and Simon Willshaw died in that accident while Richard Brooks was severely injured.

Warn, Willshaw and Brooks were crewmembers of the Maridome while Stathopoulos and Brigman were guests onboard.
The later investigation showed that the tender and her passengers were on their way to a disco and that the pilot of the tender was drunk and was driving the tender too fast.

After this very tragic accident, the families of the victims began a fierce legal battle and already on September 5th, 1995 the vessel Maridome was placed under arrest (was seized) after a decision by a Greek Court in Piraeus. Only after a bail of US$ 400.000 was paid, could Maridome leave Greek territory on September 18th.

Subsequently, the legal proceedings before the courts in Greece were halted and a new lawsuit was started before a judge in San Diego on October 17th, 1996.

This new lawsuit in the USA was conducted against the owner Maridome Marine Limited and her Captain James Boos. The yacht was once again seized and arrested and was only able to leave US-waters after a bail of US$ 15.000.000 was paid !
The judicial decision that is known is not a final decision.