Motor Yacht Ontario
     2nd August 2000
At 05H30 the MY Ontario reported that she had run aground in Lat. 36° 31' N - Long. 27° 52' E and that she was experiencing water ingress and listing as a result of striking a rocky bottom.
Ontario had at that moment 13 persons onboard and was stuck and awaiting the arrival of divers to conduct a survey. Her engine room had flooded. This accident happened off an uninhabited islet south of Symi, near Rhodes.

Of the 13 passengers and crew, 9 were taken off, leaving only the Captain and four others. A tug from Tsavliris Salvage International Ltd, named Eleftheria, offered assistance to the yacht. On August 3, Lloyds Standard Form was signed with Tsavliris Salvage.

On August 11 the yacht was still aground with no change in the situation : she suffered a flooded engine room, water ingress and a 20° list to starboard. Later the yacht was freed and towed back.
After this accident she was taken to HDW in Kiel for a very big repair and refit and was launched again quite some time later. Today she is in pristine condition and can be seen at port Pierre Canto. Fortunately no one was injured because of the accident