Motor Yacht Auriga (Hemilea)
     7th September 2000
Auriga, a 34m-Baglietto, crashed into the port side of catamaran ferry Milenium at 21H31 at 39° 32' N and 2° 21'E, South-East off Majorca (Balearics). The ferry,  with 143 passengers on board,  was at this moment at a speed of 38 knots. Auriga, sticking in the ferry's hull, heeled over so that the furniture flew through the yacht. It was reported that eight people were hurt by that. After that, her bow broke off. The rescue ship Castell de Belver arrived and took the injured persons with her. Auriga could only be rescued, because a towboat helped her out by pumping the water out of her hull and taking her into the harbour of Palma. There, a provisional blunt bow was welded by Astilleros de Majorca. The rest of the story was a case for the lawyers, fighting out the different interests of the owners, the towboats, owner and the insurance companies.