Motor Yacht Lady Candida

     29th July 2007
The 30 metre long Lady Candida was completely caught by a fire. The fire started at 16H30.

The yacht was on charter with 12 guests on board (including 4 kids) and 5 crew members.
Nobody was hurt. They all have been evacuated to Pianottoli-Caldarello Marine Rescue Co-ordination sub centre (South of Corsica).
Apparently, the cause was accidental. The French Navy ship Ailette succeeded in starting to tow the yacht from 21H00. But because of all the water used to extinguish the fire, Lady Candida listed and sunk at 21H40 with 16,000 litres of fuel offshore Pianottoli-Caldarello.
The fuel floating on the surface has been treated by the navy ship Ailette.