Tips before joining the Yachting Industry

Here are a few tips before joining the "Yachting":
A Yacht is like a "Floating Hotel" and larger she is, larger are the services she can offer to the guests. But, a Yacht is nothing without the "Professional Crew".
- In the Yachting, you got private and/or charter motor yacht and private and/or charter sailing yacht; with several positions like steward(ess), deckhand, bosun, mate, housekeeper, purser etc...

- You need to choose first your position according to your competences and kind of yacht.
- You can contact the crew agencies listed in this web site and send your C.V. by E-mail.
But, you need to know that in 90% of cases, you will have to get an interview with the recruiting agent and fill up an application form.

- And later, if there is a position available and which fits you, the agency will call you to get another interview with the owner, the captain, the first mate or the chief steward(ess). Usually, it's better to check in with the crew agencies once a week. (on line or in person) - When you know a bit more the yachting, you could get a position by "dock talk".
- You can get a couple position on a yacht as well but it's a bit more difficult.
- During the season, you are busy and can work up to 24 hours a day with not too much time off. On larger yachts, you got usually a Summer season in the Mediterranean Sea and a Winter Season in the Caribbean Sea.
But, obviously everything depends on the Owner's Wishes.
- Get the maximum of information on the web, magazines, dockwalk newspaper, etc...
- The Yachting is becoming more and more professional, so you need more and more certificate of competences. The minimum now is the STCW 95 Basic Training Course (including the Sea Survival, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Personal safety and Social Responsibility) for all crew members.

- In last, it's a busy and wonderful job if you love it.

Good Luck !