Crew Guidelines

Yachts are operating under different flags which means that they are to follow national laws and international laws. Crew members working on a yacht have great responsibilities, the better they work as a team the better it is. Community life on board will be their routine, they will have to share space and respect each other.

Here after are a few points that are important if you really want to join the yachting industry.

- Contract: Crew members must make sure that they understand well the proposed contract and/or terms and conditions of the employment and/or the ship standing orders and/or the crew policy guidelines.

- Punctuality: If you are late for an interview, a manoeuvre, a watch shift, the yacht departure, ... The time is waiting for no-one.

- Discipline: As in all industry, there is a hierarchy to respect and to comply with. But in the yachting, may be more, if you don't comply and you have repeated breaches of conduct especially when guests on board, this can result in disciplinary action.

- Presentation and personal appearance: On board usually, crew members are used to wear uniforms. A constant neat and tidy presentation will help you for a lasting employment. Personal appearance like tattoos, piercing, etc. are allowed only on certain yachts, is becoming rare on mega yachts.

- Smoking: Smoking on board most yachts is not allowed.
On some yachts, you got some restricted smoking areas like the foredeck. But usually, it is a privilege. Don't take for granted a privilege.

- Alcohol: On certain yachts, alcohol is prohibited, but usually the crew members have a drink on the dock after working hours and when no guests on board. On some yachts, you can drink moderately but NOT at all when guests on board and during passage. Excessive drinking on a yacht is unacceptable, each crew member is part of a team, in case of emergency if one fails, the result can be a disaster.

- Drugs: Possession, use and traffic of drugs are absolutely forbidden on yachts. Imagine a customs check, and they find something: The yacht will be ceased and justice charges would be taken against the crew, the guests and the owner.

- Weapons: Firearms are forbidden on board.

- Safety: On board, the safety is essential. New crew members must be familiarised with the safety procedures (abandon ship, man over board, fire, bilge procedure etc.) and equipment before they can be part of the watch system.

- Confidentiality and Privacy: All crew members must keep a high degree of discretion about the life of their owner and guests on board and/or ashore.

- Duties: The higher is your position, the higher is your responsibility. So you must be aware of your responsibilities according to your position. When a crew member is on duty on board at dock, he is in charge of the whole safety of the yacht. As well as it is his responsibility to declare his income.