Motor Yacht Pari
     31st May 2009
About 4 O'Clock in the morning, the first gusts of wind of 50 to 60 km/h started. The motor yacht Pari anchored in the bay of Beaulieu, started drifting. She finally grounded on an unstable position at the point of « Rompa Talon », just in front of the former villa of David Niven.
On board, there were 8 passengers, the German owners and six crew members.

The owners and 5 crew members were disembarked. Only the captain and 2 coast guards stayed on board.
A fuel tank had a hole and fuel was spreading on the coast. About 07H00, you could smell diesel close to Nice. The risk of pollution was at the end very limited.

In the afternoon, the wind calmed down and a meticulous inspection revealed 3 distinct holes, making impossible any towing.

The French tug Abeille Flandres came from Toulon the next morning but couldn't do any towing.
A raise of the yacht will be tempted weather permitting.