Deck Hand's Job Description

1. Carry out captain's or mates orders

2. To be knowledgeable in paints, varnishes and other coatings as may be needed on the ship

3. To be knowledgeable in marlinspike seamanship

4. To stand helm, security, or engine room watches as per the schedules established by captain or mate

5. To assist the mate in function of his duties as he desires

6. To be knowledgeable in how to keep the ship very clean and neat, and what type of cleaners must be used on what surfaces

7. To be responsible for boatswain's locker cleanliness and neatness

8. To have a knowledge of small boat handling, safety of guests and crew

9. To have a knowledge of ship's inventory of all items related to deck hand's work; and of mate's and captains work

10. To be ready , at all times, to conduct fire, man over board, or other drills as the captain sees fit and necessary

11. To assist the mate in searching for, and correcting problems before they become crisis; and to remedy the problem, no matter how small it may appear

12. To work each day to accomplish work, not; just do it

13. To continue to study all phases of the needs on the ship, and to study from books, correspondence, and hands on; to gain more knowledge of the deck hand's job

14. To strive to become boatswain / bosun, and/or mate

15. To be knowledgeable of ships' bilge system, fire system, and fire fighting apparatus

16. To know how to stand engine room watch and understand the basic workings of an engineers' job

17. To have a general understanding of, and willingness to help, the chief steward's job; should the need arise

18. To study navigation, coastal and ocean, and obtain a working knowledge of international and inland rules of navigation

19. To learn and understand wheelhouse/navigation instruments and their proper use

20. To become proficient enough to be a professional seaman