Chief Officer - First Mate's Job Description

1. Carry out captain's orders

2. Responsible for total exterior of the yacht

3. Responsible for all equipment , exterior and some interior

4. To set an example of work style, cleanliness and neatness for all of the crew to follow

5. To assist in navigation

6. To present a daily work list and complete it

7. To assist in short and long range planning at the captains pleasure

8. To be knowledgeable in all jobs including chef's, steward's, engineer's and deckhand's

9. To study how the administrative portion of the ship is done

10. To act as second in command when captain is off the ship

11. To be, at all time, ready to take charge of all jobs, and the responsibility of these jobs

12. To do all work to completion, to not leave any job undone until it is done

13. To plan each day's work to achieve the most accomplishment from each deck crewmember

14. To search out and find problems before they become crisis, and to set them straight

15. Maintain deck log

16. To run safety drills (knowledge of the ISM and ISPS codes), to establish the roster