Captain's Job Description

1. Yacht administration.epaulet_captain

2. Safe operation of the yacht.

3. Management of crew / personnel.

4. Accounting, banker, budget management.

5. Refit supervisor.

6. Engineering knowledge.

7. Yachting general experience.

8. Ports of call, safe anchorages with nice beach knowledge.

9. Ships handling.

10. All crew duties knowledge.

11. All equipment on board knowledge.

12. Required licenses (flag,size of the yacht).

13. Computers skills.

14. Business skills, ability to deal with owners, guests and yachting companies.

15. Diplomacy, psychology.

16. Love of the sea and adventure spirit.

17. Rare vacation or day off .

18. Keep a good crew and yacht image .

19. Emergency safety plans management.

20. Environmental concern.

21. Plan itineraries and reservations of berth in marinas, have a resource of international contacts for all types of parts and services.

22. Option: helicopters, submarines, fishing knowledge.