Resume (CV) sample for yacht crew members

Resume (CV) sample for yacht crew membersFind below a sample of a Resume (CV) for the yacht crew members.

 First and Last Name
Current Location:
Languages spoken:
B1/B2 Visa: only if you have one - list expiry date
Health: smoker/non-smoker/other ailments or excelIent
Tattoos: size & location
Driver’s Iicense: country of issue/clean or not
Head & Shoulders photo
Preferably in crew uniform or best in a white
polo-type shirt, (with collar),
No sunglasses, Professional-looking.
This is the first and only image a Captain
has of you before contacting you.



To secure a professional deckhand position aboard a 100ft. + yacht. As part of a team, open to a charter or private yacht.

Clearly state position you seek (deckhand, stewardess, engineer, etc.) or you will likely not be considered. Read up on what each position does if you aren’t sure. If you are a team (couple), mention that here.


PLEASE do not write a personal profile. Remember Captains skim a resume in 10-20 seconds. If they see a wall of words, they will skip it. They are looking for your experience, skills and qualifications mostly. These will speak for themselves.


Line handling
Engine room painting
Flower arranging
Silver service
Flushing jet skis
Basic diving
Interior detailing
Electrical work
Driving tender & tow-behind
White glove service
Fuel filter changes
Bilge cleaning/drainage
Two-parting teak decks
Metal cleaning/sealing
Sailing knots

List only those that pertain to yachting and the position you desire. Chefs have a somewhat different way to organize this information.


Project Management Professional, PMI
Bachelor of Business Administration degree, University of X
May, 2007
May, 2005

List only formal education here. Example: High School, Degree programs, Masters, etc. Also certificate programs (not pertaining to yachting) can go here if` you believe they will help towards this position. lf you have education further to high school from a University (completed programs only. i.e. a degree). do not list high school as this is redundant. Note: these are listed in reverse-chronological order (most recent course is listed first).

Licenses and Certificates

Silver Service course. MPT. Ft. Lauderdale
Applied Engine Course. MPT, Ft. Lauderdale
Open Water Diving - PADI certified. Ft, Lauderdale
STWC 95, MPT. Ft. Lauderdale
ENG1, Ft. Lauderdale
March, 2011
October, 2010
June, 2009
April, 2009
March, 2000

Your yachting certificates, etc. go here. Again, If your cert/license does not pertain to yachting, omit it. List in reverse-chronological order.

Professional Work Experience
Bosun, M/Y Papillon 165’                                                    October, 2010 - Present
- Second to First Mate - organize a deck crew of 4.
- Acting First Mate while at dock for 2-month period while owners! Mate away.
- Drove 34’ X boat regularly
- Given responsibility for all safety drills and associated logbooks, under guidance of First Mate.
- etc.

Deckhand, M/Y Sironella 150’                                            April 2009 - October, 2010
- Performed weekly wash downs with a team of 3, Lead deckhand starting June 2010.
- Drove 32` Intrepid regularly, with guests on board. Responsible for anchoring and driving when not towing behind.
- Assisted First Mate in Bosun role when Mate was absent- responsible for dock-side exterior maintenance and leading a crew of 2 for 3-month period while without a Mate.
- Re-organized deck department including inventory of all product and gear including that in storage.
- Excellent bartender - bartended for 5 large guest parties (40+ guests) while at dock and while underway.

4-5 points are sufficient. Bullet points are good too. Combine more points if necessary. NEVER use ‘I’ on your resume. See example under Objective to see how you can get around using the word ‘l’. List in reverse-chronological order.

Should you NOT have any experience in the professional yachting industry. show any day work you have under your belt.List 2 days, if only 2 days. It’s better than none.

Should you not have ANY industry experience. you are unlikely to be hired by sending your CV to a random boat looking for crew, lf you are serious about this industry.
You should travel to some of the hotspots for mega yachting (
Antibes. FR. Palma. SP. Florida. US. and various other places in the Med and the Caribbean
Dock walking is one of the best ways to meet Captains and crews who might know of a boat looking to hire day workers.

Stay in a crew house to network. By doing day work, you gain the necessary understanding of what it means to be crew in this professional industry.
You may know how to sail but that doesn‘t mean you know anything about this industry.

PLEASE – list at least SOME working experience, should you have none in the industry, you must show you have other work experience outside the industry.

Should you be completely green to the industry, it is highly recommended to take one course and obtain one certificate:

STCW 95 (soon 2010)- costs about 1100 €, 1100 USD and is required by most vessels. Show you are serious about your desire for a position on a yacht, Basic Safety Training.
ENG 1 -A Marine Medical certificate. Go here for current list of approved medical practitioners (by MCA).

Interests & Hobbies
Reading, playing volleyball, fishing, biking, watching movies, Sailing, hiking.

List a few things you like to do in your spare time. Travel is redundant.


Stuart Engineer -NZL
Build Engineer
260’ Lurssen
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
+1 -954-555-5555
Philip Captain -AUS
Captain of Big Boat
209’ Royal Denship
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
+555 555 5555
Will Crew - CAN
3rd Engineer ETO
248.6’ Feadship
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
+666 666 6666

Please list only your top three references! List them on a separate page.

Keep your CV to 2 pages, not including references.
2 pages is a business standard not just the yachting industry standard.

To send as a package:
- CV
- References (should be a separate page)
- Letters of reference (these show you are serious about a position. Signed by a Captain and sealed with the boat seal are even better)
- Copies of certificates obtained. It will save the Captain from asking for them later.

lt may save them time. Pushing you to the top of the list as generally boats need crew the day they post an ad.

- For Chefs or Cooks: Send a copy of a potential menu and pictures of your recent creations.

Watch all grammar. Spelling, punctuation (be consistent), spacing, etc.

This is your ONE chance to make a first impression, take the time to make your CV perfect as it will show how you take perfectionism and professionalism in to your new role on a yacht.

Email the resume to yourself and recheck it, to be sure.

Sometimes things move around when you email!

Also, a pdf document is more professionaI than a doc or docx as your recipient generally can not make changes to a pdf.