Deck Hand Duties at the Top - Deck Crew Matters

The deckhand will carry out his/her duties and responsibilities under the direction and authority of the Captain and the Deck officers.
He/She will also be required to carry out other duties relating to the safe running of the yacht from an Engineering Officer, and the Helicopter Pilot.

The deckhand responsibilities can be categorised into the following areas:
- Bridge and Navigation Duties
- Deck Operations
- General Watch and Crew duties including Safety and Security
- Tender and Watersport Duties
- Helicopter Operations
- Maintenance & Cleanliness


The deck crew will be required to assist the Deck Officer in Bridge and Navigation duties.

Their duties and following:
- Familiar by use of the relevant onboard manual and competent with all the bridge navigation and radio room communication equipment
- Display a good working understanding of the Collision Regulations
- Familiar with all the relevant Admiralty and Nautical Publications
- Be capable of conducting a navigation bridge watch in the capacity of watchman
- Familiar by use of the Dynamic Position System and the Operational Parameters
- Appreciation of the IMO and Marpol regulations


The deck crew will be required to carry out a number of responsibilities, which not limited to but include the following:

- Handling lines and fenders during docking and undocking
- Dropping and weighing bow and setting snubber lines
- Carry out watch duties as listed in the standing order other than bridge watch out duties while at sea
- Operation of all deck equipment including cranes, hull doors, filling and emptying of the Jacuzzi
- Launching and recovery of all watercraft including MOB Tender
- Coordinating and supervising all water sports activities and watercraft operations
- Preparing and maintaining guest areas during the Owner and charter cruises
- Organising deck cushions and relevant covers
- Organising Sun Umbrellas as required
- Working to the prepared deck department's pre-sail checklist
- Working to the pre-launch checklists for all watercraft
- Assisting where required with bunkering the fuel and lube oil bunkering under the supervision of the Chief Engineer
- Assisting with embarking provisions and supplies onboard
- Removal of garbage and waste
- Flag Etiquette


The deck crew as part of the watch systems onboard will be required to carry out the following:

- As part of a watch rota system carry out the watch duties as listed in the Standing Orders and Operational Procedures for Watch Duties - on and off and charter

- Deckhand must know his assigned duties and responsibilities in the yacht's Muster list including but not limited to the following:
fire response, abandon ship, MOB

- A comprehensive knowledge of the location and function of all life jackets, torches, fire extinguishers, fire escape hoods, flare kits, signaling devices, abandon ship kits, line throwing devices and life raft deployment and any other safety related equipment

- Adhere to the security instructions as listed in the companies ISPS policy


As part of a team of deck crew responsible for:

- Safe and secure operation of tenders and PWC
- In conjunction with the Boson and the Deck Officer be aware of any local rules and regulations relating to the operation of all watercrafts and PWC’s
- Provide training for guest and unqualified crew for the safe operation of PWC
- Launching and rigging of other watercrafts including sailing dinghies and kayaks
- If qualified and when called upon to assist with diving activities including carrying out operations on the yachts hull or anchors in situation to ensure safe operation
of the yacht


The deck crew are responsible for assisting as part of trained Helicopter Pad crew the safe operation of the helicopter.
This includes but is not limited to:

- Safe Preparation of the heli pad including the stowing of the stanchions, securing of cushions and other loose items
- Securing and unsecuring the helicopter fixing strops
- Assisting under instruction from the helicopter pilot the securing of the helicopter blades
- Assisting under instruction from the helicopter pilot the removal and storage of the helicopter blades
- Providing the fire team for the landing and take off of the helicopter
- Assisting under instruction from the helicopter pilot and the engineers the bunkering of the helicopter
- Ensuring the safety of the guests when embarking and disembarking from the helicopter


The deck crew will maintain the cleanliness, organization and integrity of all exterior surfaces, fixtures, decks, storage lockers, holds and compartments, equipment, machinery and watercraft on board the yacht while ensuring that the needs of our Owners/Guests are never compromised:

- Assist the Deck Officers and the Bosun in the development, organization and maintenance of all storage lockers, holds and compartments within the deck department, including inventory documentation and control as per the SMS/ISPS

- Assist the Deck Officers and the Bosun in implementation and maintenance when required of the deck department's daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly and multi-month periodic maintenance schedule as per the SMS / ISPS

- Soap & water cleaning all external painted surfaces, windows, ports, covers, fixtures, lockers, safety and recreational equipment and watercraft

- Rotary-machine detergent-scrubbing all teak decks as required

- Maintain the cosmetic and general condition of the tenders and water sport equipment and crafts

- Polishing and waxing all external fixtures

- Taping, sanding, prepping and varnishing all woodwork

- Two-part paint repair projects

- If required needle gunning, impact hammering and grinding bilges and epoxy painting same (this work will be out-sourced whenever possible)

- If required under the supervision of the engineering department tank cleaning (this work will be out-sourced whenever practical)


- Basic Seamanship
- Yacht exterior maintenance
- Basic Engineering knowledge
- Safe fueling techniques
- Environmental considerations
- Two-part paint preparation and application theory & practice
- Varnishing preparation and application theory & practice
- Yachting etiquette and protocol


- RYA Power Boat Level 2
- VHF Radio Licence
- STCW 95
- ENG 1


- MCA/RYA Yacht-Master
- Day Skipper Power Commercially Endorsed
- MCA/RYA Yacht-Master Coastal Skipper Power Commercially Endorsed
- MCA/RYA Yacht-Master Ocean Certificate of Competence Commercially Endorsed
- MCA Approved Engineering Certificate
- Long Range Radio Licence
- Sub Aqua Diving Licence
- Rescue Diver
- Dive Instructor
- PWC Instructors Licence
- Helicopter Landing Pad Qualifications
OEHTM (Offshore Emergency Helideck Team Member) - HPA (Offshore Helideck Assistant)
- Specialist Medical Qualifications
- Basic / Intermediate Marine Engineering Qualifications – MCA AEC, MEOL
- Current Driving Licence