Crew Salary Guidelines (Dec 2010)

It’s one of the most widely discussed topics in yachting. It can make or break a job offer and you can sometimes feel left in the dark about what is normal for a yacht’s size or someone’s experience.

Whether you want to know what to expect from a job offer or need to put together a crew, reliable statistics for crew salaries can be hard to come by.

Luxury Yacht Group has recently consolidated 10 years of crew placement experience in a new live crew salary tool, updated weekly and taking into account a wide range of variables with a sample size of over 50,000 crew and 90,000 verified work experiences.

The recruitment agency has shared its data with The Crew Report to give some insight into how the average salary expected by crew varies as experience in yachting increases and how the average salary offered to crew changes with size of vessel.

Figures are quoted based on a monthly salary in US dollars.

Courtesy of:  The Crew Report - Luxury Yacht