Fender Rub - Deck Crew Matters
Cause: Dirt on the surface of fenders causing abrasion to the paint underneath

• Ubiquitous fender covers are an obvious solution to preventing fender rub on the parts of the yacht where they are most frequently placed. However these also need to be kept clean and free of potentially abrasive dirt. This can particularly be a problem if a yacht is tied up in one spot for an extended period of time –
over the winter, for example.

• Place fenders as high as possible, where the pilings are cleaner.

• Always rinse down the hull with clean water before placing fenders.

• Remember to keep any surface that comes between a fender and the paint – for example a felt blanket or canvas cover – as clean and salt-free as possible.

• Some yachts are starting to apply a peelable coating between the fender and the hull surface when not in guest mode, which totally seals the paintwork and protects it. It is advised this coating is painted on thickly and ensure it is dry before placing the fenders. Be careful to consult your paint manufacturer to ensure such a coating will not damage the paint surface.

Source: Thecrewreport.com