Motor Yacht - Vibrant Curiosity - 85 m - Oceanco - 2009
Motor Yacht - Vibrant Curiosity - 85 m - Oceanco - 2009(Photo: John)
At 85.47 metres overall and 2,850 gross tons, Vibrant Curiosity (Y704), is the fourth of Oceanco's Y700-coded tailor-made superyachts that includes Amevi, Alfa Nero and Anastasia and takes the proven platform to the limit.
Despite the four yachts being based on a common concept, the interior and exterior design of each is completely customised, lending them a character all their own.

Vibrant Curiosity is certainly distinctive, although "unique" may be a more accurate - albeit overused - adjective. The most visible exterior distinguishing features are the triple vertical strips of glass windows spanning three deck levels amidships, something never before seen on a superyacht (or any vessel for that matter); The visual impact at first jars with conventional opinion of what a modern yacht should look like.

Yet this initial impression is almost immediately replaced with the realisation that such a solution
makes both aesthetic sense-by breaking up the massive superstructure so as not to appear top heavy-and practical sense by allowing plenty of natural light into the lobbies and stairwells that are traditionally quite dark areas.

Vessel Walkthrough:
The single most intriguing aspect of the interior layout is how the main entrance has been placed not on the main deck, traditionally from the starboard side, but from the swim platform on the lower deck. From here guests enter a corridor between the two tender bays that is illuminated by what appear to be three round skylights, but are in fact windows in the bottom of the swimming pool on the upper deck. The idea behind this novelty was to bring guests aboard the yacht in a very different but practical manner.

Master Stateroom, Upper Deck Forward:
The interior layout of Vibrant Curiosity also challenges conventional wisdom. The owner's suite and private foredeck is located on the upper deck and most of the guest cabins on the main deck instead of the lower deck.

VIP Suite, Below Deck Amidship:
What is unusual is that the VIP cabin is located on the lower deck, adjacent to a teak-lined lobby with lift access and a large shell door in the side of the hull. Oceanco's rationale for a lower level VIP is quite simply that in case of bad weather, being as near to the centre of buoyancy as possible is the best place to be in terms of comfort. Naturally the zero-speed stabilizers do their duty during most unfavorable conditions.

Guest Stateroom, Main Deck Forward:
Most of the guest suites are at main deck. The novel layout of the guest accommodation continues on the skylounge deck that features two identical VIP cabins in terms of the layout with bathrooms that look out onto the open aft deck.

Main Salon, Main Deck Aft:
In terms of decor, the interior design has been minutely orchestrated to provide a precise balance between luxurious without resorting to "palace style", and simplicity without relying on minimalism.

Dining Salon, Main Deck Amidship:
The elegant foldable sea balcony in fornt of the dining area assures guests an unrestricted view while dining.

Exercise Room, Main Deck Aft:
The gym and saune and adjacent relaxing room are located at the aft main deck.

The pilothouse is located at skylounge deck.

Aft Deck, Upper Deck Aft:
By putting the swimming pool on the upper deck, which also affords more privacy, the yacht's designers in conjunction with the engineers were able to create a void space underneath for the corridor on the lower deck. The concept wasn't a simple one because it meant a radical shift in thinking, both in terms of layout and structural engineering. Steps at the end of the corridor open onto the main deck lobby with long sightlines forward through the main saloon, whereas the aft section is taken up by the
gym and spa centre that wrap around the walls of the pool, yet another innovative solution.

Shipyard : OCEANCO
Built : 2009
Length over all : 85.47 m
Beam : 14.10 m
Draft : 3.95 m
Cruising speed : 14 kts
Crew : 26
: 18
Owner : Reinhold Würth, Germany
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