Typical day while on charter - Deck Crew Matters
This is to give you guys an idea of what my life as a deckhand is like onboard the charter boat.
"My alarm goes off about 3:50 AM, which gives me 10  minutes to wake up, get dressed, shove some food down my throat, and meet the other guys on deck.
We start our early morning with a full rinse down and chamois and remove all the furniture covers. Starting from the top and working our way down, we eventually finish around 7:30 AM which is perfect timing as the chef now has a wonderful breakfast waiting for us.

After breakfast round two begins; we prep the yacht for the day’s activities. Every charter is different, but typically we pull out most of the toys (jet skis, inflatable toys, fishing boats, dive and snorkel gear, sailboats, windsurfing gear, kite surfing gear, and we set up all the beach stuff as well). We usually finish our complete set up around 9:30 AM, when the guests start to show their faces.

The rest of our day from about 10 AM to 4 PM is focused on providing supervision and instruction for the water sport activities, grabbing a lunch when we can, carrying guest back and forth to the beach, setting out and breaking down odds and ends, and really just overseeing that the guests have their needs met.

Around 4:30 PM we begin the process of breaking down and putting away all the toys.
We usually finish around 6 PM, just in time for dinner. After our crew dinner we dress up in our nighttime uniforms and prepare for the night’s activities.
Usually the guest eat around 7 PM, for which we help the servers and the stewardesses with whatever they may need during that dinner service.

A dinner service typically ends around 9 PM, after which, my deck team gets to hit the sack. The other team, which awoke around 6 AM, will stay up and help with the night activities, and do a close down routine that typically ends around midnight.

Now take this above description and multiply by the amount of days we’re on charter and you will get an idea of the hectic schedule of charter life. However it does come with its rewards in the end.
That beautiful moment that erases all memories of sleep deprivation, mind-numbing monotonous work, and the typical yacht workplace stresses; the wonderful cash charter tip."