Butler's Job Description

1. Supervision of other domestic staff in one or more households

2. Hiring and organizing other household staff ( a housekeeper, cooks and maids) as well as outside contractors and personnel (gardeners, chauffeurs and maintenance)

3. Valeting refers to the care of his client's wardrobe. This can often be a job in itself and, in larger households, is carried out by the Assistant Butler

4. Assumes the role of a Personal or Household Secretary and, as well as keeping the family agenda, he would be expected to carry out personal shopping for his employer, handle the mail and be in charge of the household accounts.

5. Always be adaptable and flexible, ready to take on new responsibilities as and when his employer sees fit. He is the byword for common sense, patience and expertise.

6. Receiving guests.

7. Maintaining household security.

8. Assisting in cooking as well as serving meals and drinks to guests.

9. Arranging the table for serving meals.

10. Drawing household budgets, Keeping wine cellars and having knowledge regarding fine wines.

11. Possession of excellent public communication skills.

12. A passion for serving guests and collaborating with other staff.

13. Ability to work under pressure and for long unscheduled hours.

14. Excellent managerial and supervision skills.