Helicopter Pilot Job Description

1.  All helicopter operations

2. Helicopter safety and maintenance, Ensures flight is conducted in the safest manner possible

3. Excellent communication with the Captain about flight excursions

4. Training deck crew on helicopter operation drills

5. Licensed and very experienced

6. Ability to take off and land on a very small and often moving target

7. Mechanical and troubleshooting skills and be able to repair problems with the assistance of an engineer

8. High end customer service

9. Determines flight routes, speed, and take off and landing times to fulfill scheduling requirements. Must stay current with federal and local flight regulations. Possesses second class commercial helicopter pilot certificate and requires 1,000 hours of helicopter flying time

10. Performs daily routine maintenance duties to ensure that helicopter remains mission operational, including pre-flight maintenance; tracks helicopter flight hours and use to determine schedule for preventive maintenance; ensures instruments are certified according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations; ensures timely completion of large-scale phase maintenance or large component exchanges by contractors; monitors the work of maintenance contractors; recognizes the need and makes arrangements for the performance of unexpected or unscheduled maintenance or repair; performs occasional maintenance test flights.

11. Maintains written and computerized flight logs and aircraft and pilot records to comply with FAA regulations and other federal guidelines.