Purser's Job Description

1. In charge of the other Steward(esse)s

2. Oversee the housekeeping and service work of the Steward(esse)s

3. Ensuring the guest experience is the best possible

4. Serve the meals and provision the yacht with all necessary beverages, cleaning supplies and uniforms, etc...

5. Work with the Chef on the menus and wine/food pairing

6. Paperwork procedures including: budgeting, accounting/book keeping, purchasing, scheduling, human resources/crew management, business relations (with Management Companies, Accountants, and/or Owner’s office, etc.)

7. Maintain guest relations and ensure they are happy with their experience on the yacht

Occasionally this can escalate into refit/build management of interior, with many more specialists skills required, such as service space organizing & planning, purchasing of interior goods, etc.

There may be a separate Purser on large vessels but on smaller ones the Chief Steward/ess often fills the role.