Dock Express Boarding Instructions - Captain Matters

Fuel / Water

- Each yacht to arrive as light as possible.

- Arrive at the Yachtcarrier without any garbage. International regulations force us to insist that you shall otherwise have to keep your own garbage on your yacht for the duration of the voyage.

Control of visitors to the Yachtcarrier
- No visitors allowed without permission of the Master.
- Visitors must not hinder on-going work.

Berth Alongside
- Arriving yachts may not berth alongside the Yachtcarrier without permission of the Master and only may do so at the yacht's own risk.
- Radio check with Yachtcarrier.
- Await instruction.

Deliveries for the Yacht
- Yachtcarrier will not accept deliveries for yachts without any prior arrangement.
- All deliveries must be clearly marked.
- Yachtcarrier accepts no responsabilities for deliveries.

Just Prior And During Loading
- Check radio frequency.
- All speed set at Dead Slow.
- Ensure fenders are set and maintained at correct location and height.
- No acces to bridge.
- Pay close attention to all crew's instructions and be prepared for line handling.
- When Yachtcarrier is anchored offshore (Toulon / Martinique) limited launch services from / to off shore location are available.
- Check for launch departure times, travel as light as possible as boarding on rope ladder is required.
- If more launch trips are required other than scheduled by the transporter, you are responsible to arrange and pay for such extra services.

Loaded - Water Still On Deck
- Refrain from using the catwalks / dockwalls.
- Switch off SATCOM / radar / navigation lights while in port.
- Stay on board while your yacht is positioned.
- Generators / main engines to be switched off as soon as yacht is positioned and while divers are in the water.
- No swimming.
- No acces to bridge without permission.

Deck Dry
- Refrain from using the catwalks / dockwalls, wait for ladder, exit via deck only.
- If electricity or water is required then remain with your yacht and fill out Power Request Form.
- Fill out Indemnity, Dangerous Goods and Ammo Forms and submit to Yachtcarrier's Officer.
- Persons working below your yacht therfore do not throw items to deck.
- Extreme caution as welding is taking place.
- Many tripping hazards on deck, flip-flops or open-toe sandals must never be worn while on deck.
- Have yacht papers, passports and visas ready for inspection and submittance to Yachtcarrier's Officer.
- If the yacht is to be unaccompanied during the voyage please hand over the keys to a Yachtcarrier's Officer.
- No dumping of waste water from your yacht to the deck, while welding works are in progress.


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