Crew Contracts - Captain Matters
sign contractThings to include in agreements and contracts
- Owner / Manager / Agent: who, what and where?

- Yacht Particulars: owning company, manager or agent and their addresses, official number and description of the vessel.

- Compensation: not only how much, but timing and method of payment (by cheque,direct debit etc).

- Time Off: the number of working hours per day, days per week etc.
As per safety issues, how long standing watch in a given day, (although this is always a sensitive issue on board a yacht where all crew must be expected to work as when necessary in the interests of the safety of the yacht, passengers and crew).

- Probationary Period: how long is this? How does this affect the rest of the agreement?

- Holidays: how much, is there compensation if not used, etc?

- Summary Dismissal: early termination, for cause or without cause, what happens if crew quit and/or what happens if fired?

- Repatriation: upon termination of employment, the law requires crew to be returned to their home (as per passport) or a mutually agreed location (a country that the crew member can enter legally with regard to customs and immigration).

- Venue of jurisdiction: normally the country of the Flag State of the vessel. if not, this venue is always available for either party to argue legal issues.

- Drug Policy: today, Zero Tolerance is the law of the seas. Illegal drug use, carrying a controlled substance, keeping it on board or trafficking endangers everyone related to the yacht. How will this policy be enforced on board?

- Special Issues: confidentiality, tips and/or vendor kickbacks.

- Personal Hygiene: showering, shaving etc we will leave up to you, but appearances do count in yachting so don't be surprised if these personal matters are addressed formally in your agreement.

- Official (MCA type) approved contracts and agreements
Statutory requirements: official list of crew - posted , contract cover - posted